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Hi. Gretchen was fabulous. She was so great and patient with our girls. The galaxy/space themed art lesson she prepared, as well as the talk she did at the beginning, was spot on. She actually did research on astronomy and had discussion points ready which was a good intro to the painting.

It was nice to sit back, talk to the other parents, and trust that Gretchen was doing a great job with our daughters. We'd love to have her back for another event.



Yumiko & Rika Hishinuma:

Rika was looking forward to art class to come every week.

It seemed very the opportunity to make a great work.

Thank you.




Will Smart With Art be offered again as another session, in the spring? Charlotte has loved it, and has made such great art. (I framed her cat pastel piece today, and it's hanging on our wall as permanent artwork.)

Thank you for being such a great art teacher, by the way!!



Chouchanik Airapetian:

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to comment how well your lessons are organized! The students are enjoying them. Also, Ms. Gretchen is a very highly professional art instructor. She carefully listens them, points out hints and very patiently waits until some time takers finish their projects. She also comes prepared and knows when is the time to review and clean up. Students are leaving at least one art project with them ( sometimes they do other things when their art is drying out).

I enjoyed working with her and I'm looking forward for the winter session!




Thank you so much for a great after- school program.  The kids have loved it! I look forward to seeing their final projects.  Have a great summer!

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