The Art of Fundraising!


Smart with Art collaborates with ArtWare to help you create a unique tile wall or fundraising sales program for your school!  The keepsake pieces are a wonderful way to preserve a child's work of art.


How does it work?

Smart with Art helps you to design the concept of your program

Students create a work of art based on this concept on Paper

ArtWare transfers that art onto a project

Pieces are sold to create a fundraising program for your school


Fundraising with a creative twist.  Products are everlasting and meaningful.  Plus schools are able to raise funds for their art programs while providing a rewarding opportunity for each student.



Need help with an auction project?


Our Smart with Art Educator can help you plan and prepare unique art pieces for your next auction. Contact us to learn more!

How can we help you raise money for the arts?

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